Old Flame


“I’m letting you believe that everything’s fine,

I sweep the mess of me you left here

under the rug

to give you your ‘time,’

But just in case you care, I’m not okay.

And I don’t know, really,

how to explain why.

I’ve been rejected hundreds of times,

but with you it’s like

a thousand knives

stabbing me

from the moment I wake,


You said to use the lighter instead of the torch,

to keep things from falling apart,

yet you went and struck a match,

poured the gas,

and set the whole damn thing on fire

So don’t give me your pretty, packaged lies

about your needs

and how you never have them all

at the same time,

when you weighed your options

and made the decision to stay wherever you are.

But I wait here

among the soot and the ash,

the ruins of this thing,

that I thought would last,

the embers of what was right

in front of you

and I’ll be here

until you see what you had

and come back.”


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