“We’re driving towards the water

The air is getting hotter

The humidity is high

It’s a week after graduation

And the lack of communication

Is rising with the tides

And I say farewell

To the house I

Never called home

This place is a stranger

These empty white walls

Remind me

That this

Was never

Where I belonged

I just wanted to make you happy

But I can’t let you have me

All to yourself

I’m done with your plan for two

I’m so tired of trying to please you

And everybody else

And I say hello

To the town I

Always wanted to get to know

This place is no stranger

To starting over again

Tell me,

Was this

Where I needed to be

All along?

And I look back

at all the memories

That I love more

Than the person in front of me

When did I become

This dark person that I hate

I’m this monster that you made

But you carelessly left open my cage

And the worst thing in the world

Is to grow up

And die alone

But now you’re a stranger

Who it hurts me to hold

I can’t pretend anymore

To be the person

That I won’t”


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