Generation Y


“I’m letting myself go

I’m not keeping track of time

I’m letting myself know

that when it’s all over, I’ll be just fine

these days are supposed to hold

the best memories

you’re paying for nothing

no worries, everyone smiles

take the picture, please…

the future holds debt and lies

bloodshot eyes

staring at a computer screen

for the rest of your life, what are you going to do?

the universal question

that always gets an illogical answer

‘we’re gonna be in movies and get pointless tattoos…’

you’re going to cry over wasted time

those stupid moments that you realize

you missed out and watched

from the sidelines

now close your eyes…

in time, we will all learn

who we are

why is dying so easy

while living is so hard?

I’m going to miss youth

I’m going to miss you”


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