Monthly Archives: January 2014

Time Is Coming For Me

“I let the whole world know I was fine

before I wasted my life away

I wear a fluorescent smile

but become more hollow everyday

And still the clock ticks on

I know time is coming for me

I’m reminded every second

but he won’t let me go down easily

I’m somehow surviving this life that everyone’s living

But everybody’s taking

yeah, everybody’s taking

and I just want something to give

I’m prideful and vain

and still you were drawn to me

but over and over, it’s not enough

to lay my heart at your feet

Time will come for you, too

But with you, it always slips away

time is just like you,

you never seem to want to stay

I’m alone in my head

so I lock the door and throw the key away

dive headfirst into my sea of pain

float on my back with the current

and ask myself ‘was it worth it?’

if there’s no real happiness to gain

Because everybody’s faking

yeah, everybody’s faking

and I just want a damn good reason to live

It’s a little hard to swallow

after I’ve waited oh so patiently

for life to allow some peace to come to me

but if I’ve learned just one thing, it’s that

life’s real fickle

and you should never take it seriously”